Games and Gear

Game 1 - Heartbreak Ridge

This game is designed to get the team spirit going. The objective of the game is to blow up the opponents base but first you must prime the bomb. To complete this, the attacking team must first push and hold a button for 3 seconds, which will arm the bomb. After this, the team must continue their attack into the opponent’s camp and detonate the bomb. The same applies for the opposing team. The first team to destroy the opponent’s camp is declared the winner. Maximum time allowed for this game is 10 minutes after which a siren is sounded.



Game 2 - Forest Storm

This game necessitates acquiring petrol for your jeep, which has run out of fuel. Problem is the only fuel available is in enemy territory. The enemy heavily defends this territory and heavy casualties will occur. The objective is to get the fuel back to your jeep in the fastest possible time. Each team will have a chance at completing this task. The team with quickest time is declared the winner



Game 3 - The Blitz

This village is under attack and it is up to you to defend the village at all costs. The attacking team must detonate the bombs. Problem is there are 6 devices and only 1 is a bomb. Each time the game is played, the devices are changed around and no one knows where the active device is. The defending team is located within wooden huts and is very difficult to attack. So, strategy and teamwork are required for this game. Each team will have a chance at completing this task. The team with quickest time is declared the winner.


Game 4 - Pearl Harbour

A disastrous plane crash has occurred over the skies of Longford. Three planes are down. Each of these planes contains secret documents that cannot fall into the hands of the enemy. Your mission is to destroy these planes against the clock. Each plane contains a detonator. This detonator must be pushed for 1 second after which a 1-minute timer is activated before the bomb explodes. During this 1 minute the enemy can disarm this bomb by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds, this will reset the bomb. Again, the attacking team must detonate the bomb once again. All three planes must be destroyed in 10 minutes.

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