ActionSports Paintballing, paintball in Ireland, Co. Longford

Midland's Paintballing, Co. Longford, Ireland Our paintball site is located in a 20 acre wooded area in near Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, Ireland, our paintball ground has floodlighting so we can play the game at night.

Face masks, gloves and overalls are supplied. The paintball guns we use are Tippmann semi auto and hold 200 paintballs. Paintball games take about 3 hours to complete. We have a timber town built in the forest like small houses. We also have some automated silhouettes or moving targets for young people to shoot at. Each target is controlled by remote control and will only show itself for 5 - 10 seconds to allow shooting.



Equipment The Game Special Offers
paintball equipment the paintball game is played in 20 acres of woods

Special Offers

Groups of 10+ 

€60 per person with 600 paintballs per person all in.

30 minutes karting and Paintballing
€100 per person + 600 paintballs per player

Booking essential & a deposit is required


FAQ, how to play paintball

What is paintball?
Paintball is one of the fastest growing fun sports in Ireland. Traditionally paintball is played in a forest where players are divided into two teams and they battle to defend and attack positions in game areas with different scenarios. Each player is issued with a camouflage suit, protective facemask and goggles a padded hood and a paintball marker (gun), which fires a coloured paint pellet.

Does it hurt?
First one hurts but the adrenline starts flowing and the pain stops.

What age do you have to be?
From 14 years upwards

Is it safe?
Very safe if all the rules are obeyed.

How long does it take to play?
As little as 1 hour or we can go on for 3 hours if the group wants.

What clothing do I wear?
Just everyday clothing.

What clothing is provided?
Overalls, gloves, padded hood and a facemask

Can I wear glasses?

What type of paintball marker (gun) and mask do we use?
Semi automatic Tippman 98

Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes if you have a licence

How do the games work?
Team events

Are the games monitored?

How many games will we play?
3 - 6 depending on group

Stag and Hen

Fun Fridays

Introducing our new offer FUN FRIDAYS!

30 minutes Arrive and Drive will now cost only €30 per person (Normal price €40 per person). Booking Essential.

Ph . 043 6671308.